Leasing program

General Conditions:

Generally approved within 48 hours, leasing period of 1 to 5 years, minimum down payment of $1,000.


Protect your business:

With the help of new technology, you can immediately improve the productivity of your entreprise without touching your liquids assets. The leasing/purchasing program allows people as well as contractors, in search of financial innovations, a greater control over their finances.

Development support:

The Services Financiers Affiliés (leasing program) allows for the acquistion of necessary equipment during the growth of a small business without taking from their bank accounts. By leasing, our contractors pay for their equipment while generating a profit.

Spending from a financial point of view:

Conditions permitting, the leasing payments are generally deductable as operations costs, unlike depreciation costs that occur with the purchase of equipment.

Protection against obsolescence of equipment:

Technology progesses so rapidly that what is now new can become obsolete in a few years. The leasing/purchasing program allows for growth, and quick adaptation to overtake the competition as well as meet head on the ever growing changes of today’s market.

Budget Flexibility:

Do you pay the salary of your employees 5 years in advance? Well, that is exactly what you do when you purchase new equipment. However, when leasing, you pay the equipment while making a profit. The leasing/purchasing program permits for long term growth, while satisfying your immediate needs.The leasing payments are generally eligible as tax expenditures.

Simple administration:

The monthly leasing fees of the equipment is a fixed expense, which allows you to plan for expansion. Considering the recession, your contract with the services financiers affiliés is without a doubt a true money saver.

The leasing/purchasing program is stable:

The contract with crédit leasing is not touched by the variations in banking interests. Being a credit-leaser, you pay for the equipment today with the money of tomorrow.

The leased equipment represents an investment:

New equipment means production without delay and increasing benefits (profits). You can then use your capital to support your growth and generate new gains. The credit-leasing allows you to double this profit.

The credit leasing at Garant Machinerie:

A rapid, personnalized service with us, the credit decision takes into account all the particularities of our clientele. We search for information which favorises a clear decision. The adapted financial conditions allow us to adjust your payments to your seasonal income. In additon, after the first 12 months, it is possible for you to completely pay your lease, without having to pay the full interest. We wish to build a long term relationship with our clientele based on mutual respect and trust. We will also confirm the amount of your option and when the time comes, we will be happy to advise you of your options.

Do not hesitate to communicate with Pierre Lacasse, our credit-leasing specialist at (418) 575-0345 or at (418) 877-7747.