For anyone looking for a fast and precise folding

The Synchro type compact press brakes, PBC series, have been added recently to the Yawei catalog. Available in Canada, the largest model reaches 80″ inches in length. These press brakes are equipped with a Wila type mechanical bending system, perfect for correcting the flexion of short press brakes. They are fast, precise, delivered with a generous list of standard equipment and covered with an excellent warranty.


• Ram and backgauge speeds among the best in its class

• Vertical punches loading

• Auto adjustment of the laser protection system


• Positioning and repositioning accuracy of the backgauge in the range of 0.004″ inch

• Ram parallelism ensured by two very precise GIVI rules (0.0004″)

• Hydraulic crowning with digital control allowing you to press your plates on 100% of the bench length


• Proven Dutch design for 25 years

• Renowned worldwide manufacturer

• Premium hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components

• Exceptional after-sales service provided by our team of certified and experienced technicians

Possible uses

We offer a complete range of tools for folding moldings with crushed folds, steel plates, cases, large radius (in crunch mode), etc.



Delem 66 / 69T controller




Multiple axis backgauge capability

Quick / hydraulic clamping of the Wila punch

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