If you are looking for an affordable press brake that can take it

Synchro Yawei press brakes, PBH-HD series, are designed for heavy work. Offering capacities from 440 to 5,500 tons and up to 60′ feet in length, they are reliable and robust. Manufactured since over 30 years, they are available in multiple configurations. Their reputable hydraulic and electrical components allows maintenance and repair at competitive prices. Whatever your needs are, we have you covered.


• Oversized frame plates for increased rigidity

• Ultra robust backgauge structure

• Frame made of high strength steel


• 8 points ram guides ensuring greater bending precision

• CNC Hydraulic crowning, 100% leak and maintenance free, offering you several benefits

• Ram parallelism secured by two very precise GIVI rules (0.0004 ’’) inch


• Structurally designed in Switzerland and time tested in Europe for over 35 years

• World renowned manufacturer

• Premium hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components

• Exceptional after-sales service provided by our team of certified technicians

Possible uses

Mining equipment, heavy machinery, maritime equipment, etc.

High strength steel bending (CHT-100,400, Hardox, QT-100,400 …)



Delem 66 / 69T controller




Multiple axis backgauge capability

Quick / hydraulic clamping of the Wila punch

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