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PBH series Synchro hydraulic press brake are very popular in Yawei catalog. With their proven European designed frame, they feature a unique hydraulic crowning system. Known for their reliability, tightness and minimal maintenance requirement, these press brakes come with a generous list of standard equipment and are covered with an excellent warranty.

Presse plieuse cnc Yawei PBH110 Presse plieuse cnc Yawei PBH

· Among the highest ram and backgauge speeds in this category

· Simple and fast parts programming

· The most efficient laser safety system on the market


· Precision positioning and repositioning of the backgauge of about 0.004 ” inch

· Ram parallelism ensured by two very precise GIVI rules (0.0004 ’’)

· Hydraulic crowning with digital control allowing you to press your plates over 100% of the bench length


· Proven Dutch design since 25 years

· World renowned manufacturer

· Premium hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components

· Exceptional after-sales service provided by our team of certified and experienced technicians

Possible uses

We offer a full range of tools for folding molding with crushed folds, steel plates, cases, large spokes (in crunching mode), etc.



Delem 66 / 69T controller





Multiple axis backgauge capability

Hydraulic clamping of the Wila punch

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