Italian design combined with a large production capacity

Synchro type press brakes, GPS series, are the most advanced and equipped at LAG Machinery. Italian design with a desirable track record, impeccable assembly quality and unmatched speed on the market. They feature the exclusive G-Flex correction system and the dynamic G-CS crowning. A proven design. Find out today about their great quality-price value.

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Simple to use

• Auto adjustment of the bench bending without operator intervention

• Patented system for compensating the bending of the uprights

• Simple and fast parts programming – live or offline


• Assembled with graduated bolts eliminating the constraints of the usual welding assembly

• Made of graded steel, about 50% stiffer than structural steel

• Forged steel pistons and cylinders ensuring better heat dissipation


• High speed plunge of the ram and the backgauge

• Quick, simple and safe tool change

• Simple and efficient programming for all types of parts

Possible uses

Precision folding, conical folding, folding of complex parts, folding of large series of parts.






Delem 69T controller




Multiple axis backgauge capability


Quick / hydraulic clamping of the Wila punch

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Italian design assembled on a large scale. Best quality-price option.
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