A hell of machine, I have never done such a good purchase like this. I used it at the maximum and I can tell you that a very hell of machine.

Mr. J. Smith

Always had good service and when we call, we know that we will have an impeccable support.

Mr. G. Ouellet

Since that business is done with you, you are reliable and the service is perfect.

M. N. Régimbald

When we call we get very good service. Our needs are filled to 100%, thanks Garant Machinerie.

Mr. R. Pichette

Since day 1 that we will trust you with our purchases and the service is impeccable and the machines are top notch, Perfect.

Mr. J. Allard

Since the beginning, I have only good words for Garant Machinerie.

Mr. David B.

A very, very good service and a very good business partners.

Mr. G. Lévesque

I am delighted with the work that you execute for us. I am particularly satisfied with the simplicity and effectiveness of Garant Machinerie. Thank you for your high-quality work. Only of congratulations to the whole team.

Mr. D. Damphousse

We have been well received from the start and very well served by the following. Garant Machinerie is very strong for everything that relates to technical issues.

Mr. J. St-Arnaud

Our first purchase is an automatic folder in 2007 and we have been advised by Mr. Yves Garant and we are satisfied to 100%. Therefore, in September 2011, we made the acquisition of a 2nd folder and the climate of trust that we have developed among Garant has done that we have not been probing of other companies for the quality and the price because the after sales service is faultless.  Furthermore, in September 2011, we have done business with Mr.Samuel Roy which is of an incredible professionalism.  We will not hesitate to recommend Garant Machinerie to anyone who would need equipment.  Thank you and congratulations for your new web site which is very inviting.

Mr. M. Vigneault

Good advice, reliability of delivery and excellent after-sales service.

Mr. L. Latulippe

Amazing service, always fast, an approach a customized client, ”we do not feel like a number”.

Mr. P. Gauvin

Machine of excellent quality, very competitive prices, quick reply when the quotes. 

Mr. C. Gallant