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At Garant Machinerie, we strive to create lasting business relationships. The secret of your satisfaction lies in the choices you make. Choosing the equipment that meets your exact needs, and choose the after-sales service + technical support that will make all the difference in this type of investment. We think we can offer you the best option, serve you well, and maybe even surprise you.

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Stable relationships with our suppliers is essential for us at Garant Machinery. We select them for the quality of their management, their financial stability, their adaptability, their customer and after-sales service. We have every interest in maintaining good relations with them, as well as with you.


Garant Machinery has been importing equipments from different countries since 2007. We have stripped down our list of suppliers over time to focus on manufacturers who offer added value in terms of price-quality-options while remaining highly competitive. We have proudly represented some of these manufacturers from the very beginning.

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Some equipments require partial disassembly to move from the manufacturer to your facilities. Our technicians have acquired over time the skills to handle reassembly, adjustments and calibrations in order to finalize the installation. Because of this certification awarded by the manufacturer, we are able to guarantee you a proper installation in all respects.


In the event of a breakdown, several qualified technicians are working for us and we have a complete machining and welding workshop to enable quality service. Because time is money, we are both fast and efficient. We can handle diagnostics and repairs either at our workshop or on the road in your facilities. Our goal at Garant Machinery: minimize the impact of breakdowns and breakages on your production.

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