Garant Machinery deals with several lenders specialized in the field of machinery. Our goal is to offer you the best financing conditions on the market to meet your needs.
We can help you finance your equipment purchases, whether you’re a start-up or an established company, small, medium or large.





Protecting your working capital


With new equipment, you can improve your company’s productivity very quickly and without touching your cash flow.


Supporting your growth


Our leasing specialists can help you acquire the equipment you need for your growth without freezing all of your cash flow. Leasing ensures that you pay for your equipment gradually over time, while it generates profits.


Generating an expense from a tax standpoint


Where conditions allow, lease (rental) payments may be deductible as an operating expense contrary to the rigid scales of tax depreciation usually applied on the purchase of equipment.


Protection against equipment obsolescence


Technology is advancing so rapidly that what is “state-of-the-art” today could be obsolete in a few years. Our specialized lenders allow your business to continue to grow, stay ahead of the competition and adapt quickly to changing market needs.


Budget flexibility


Would you pay your employees’ salaries five years up front? That’s actually what you are doing when you buy equipment. On the other hand, by renting, you pay for the equipment gradually while it generates profits. Leasing offered by our specialized lenders facilitates your medium and long-term growth by allowing you to meet your immediate needs.


Simplified administration


Equipment leasing is a fixed monthly expense. It allows you to plan your expansion. And considering inflation, your contract with one of our specialized lenders makes more sense economically.


Leased equipment represents an investment


New equipment means better productivity, new products or customers, and other potential benefits. You can maintain your cash flow to support your growth and increase profits. Leasing allows you to do both, and our specialized lenders are familiar with this financing tool.



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