Angle iron, Round iron, Square, Tubes, Pipes, Profiles "U" and "I"...

AMOB angle roll often called “section bender” is a must for your parts production. These rolls can bend angle irons, round irons, square irons, tubes, pipes, “U”, “I” profiles, extrusions and much more. AMOB MAH-AC rolls are known as the performance series since they offers hydraulic adjustment of the two lower rollers. Available in several versions, they are a sure bet.

Cintreuse à profilé Amob MA

• Allows you to roll lots of different profiles, even with standard rollers

• Several optional roller configurations available

• AMOB also offers some digitally controlled versions


• Most models allow you to work horizontally or vertically

• Several options available to adapt it to your specific needs

• Also allows the rolling of tubes and pipes with the optional rollers


• Designed and assembled in Portugal since 1960

• AMOB has a unique expertise in manufacturing angle rolls

• Many models available for all budgets

• Spare parts at very competitive prices

Possible uses

Steel structure, tanks, food industry, shipbuilding, etc.

Standard setup

The angle roll of the MAH-AC series follow the AMOB tradition of excellence. Equipped with programmable digital read-out on bottom rolls, they also allow the user to enter a specific positioning measurement directly from the controller in order to save time for serial rolling. These AMOB angle rolls are available in several versions. Contact one of our representatives for more details.


Do you have more complex shapes to roll or large series of parts? You can add a numerical control to allow you to optimize this type of production.





Lateral guides for rolling angle iron.

Nylon rollers for rolling tubes and pipes.

Special rolls for profile/tubes.

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Portuguese manufacturer for production equipment since 1960.
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