Precise, Robust and Efficient

The Roccia SR3W Angle Roll offers precision, robustness and performance. It is equipped with three rolls driven by 3 independent hydraulic motors and reducers with automatic compensation of the upper roll speed. Its 100% hydraulic driven with 3D corrector rollers to allow uniform and straight bending with minimum restriction.

Roccia cintreuse profilé SR3W

• Highly accurate positioning of the crunch rollers

• Digital readout (standard), available in NC and CNC version

• Multifunction control console


• Beam structure for exceptional rigidity

• Three independent hydraulic motors

• Electromechanically welded structure


• Several CNC controller options

• Standard version already very well equipped

• Possibility to roll parts by interpolation

Possible uses

Steel structure, tanks, food industry, shipbuilding.

Standard setup

Built with attention to detail without compromising on quality, Roccia angle rolls are equipped with a digital positioning reader on both crunching rolls. They also offer the possibility of entering a specific positioning measurement right into the controller to save time for serial rolling.


Do you have more complex shapes to roll or series of identical parts ? Roccia offers three types of controllers to allow you to optimise your quality and production speed. Contact one of our representatives today!



Lateral guides for rolling angle irons



Nylon rollers for rolling tubes and pipes








Accessories for rolling spiral parts

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