Universal precision mecanical punch press

Structure And Features

  • High precision, reaches JIS1 standard;
  • High-rigidity steel-welded frame;
  • High-precision 6-side long guide rail;
  • Dry-type pneumatic clutch-brake unit;
  • Imported safety dual-solenoid valve for clutch;
  • High-sensitive hydraulic overload protection;
  • Automatic oil cycle lubrication system ;
  • Frequency drive inverter (FDI)
  • Die height can be adjusted automatically (25T and 45T are manual adjustment);
  • PLC centralized control, convenient operation;
  • Optional components: output shaft, air cushion, slider knockout, automatic feeder and other devices
Yadon JH21



  • High precision, reaches JIS1 standard
  • High-precision 6-side long guide rail
  • Die height can be adjusted automatically (25T and 45T are manual adjustment)


  • High-rigidity steel-welded frame
  • High-sensitive hydraulic overload protection

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Your technician did a PRO job, very professional on the installation and training, the employees really appreciated the training 10/10 !

Alain D.

Alain D.

We are 150% satisfied with our purchase of an HSG 3KW cutting table. The machine exceeds our expectations in terms of cutting quality and machine. Garant Machinery team handled everything from A to Z. The training and installation was done in less than 3 days and in 1 week our production was operational.

M. Morin

Our team has been doing business with the Garant Machinery for three years now. The folding machines are essential to our production, their use is simple and safe. We use them daily for the fabrication of specialized pieces. We are satisfied with the quality. Whether for the acquisition of the machines or the after sale service, a representative is always available to answer us.

Distribution Mega Aluminium’s team

Michaël Bourret

When we call we get great service. Our needs are 100% met. Thank you Garant Machinery.

M. R. Pichette

Always had good service and when you call, you know you’re going to get great support.

M. G. Ouellet

Fantastic machine, I never made a better purchase than this. I used it quite a bit and I can tell you it’s a workhorse.

M. J. Smith

We are very satisfied with the equipment we purchased. The few adjustments that were necessary during the start-up were done quickly with courtesy and professionalism.

C. Caron

We appreciate Garant’s way of doing things and handling customers. You and your team listen to the client and are committed to working in partnership and mutual respect.

É. Tremblay

Since we have been doing business with you, you are reliable and the service is top notch.

M. N. Régimbald

We purchased a LAG G-TOP 185-3000 press brake to replace our 1988 Amada Promecam. Yves Garant and his team supported us very well in our decision making process. We had a major challenge to conciliate: need definition, technology evolution and budget. Garant Machinery sets itself apart with a wide range of products, exceptional technical expertise, a curiosity about the evolution of the market, very responsive from submission to after-sales service, and good customer service. Garant Machinery is an experienced business partner with whom we have done many projects in the past, and that we will consider in our future investments.

E. Buissières

I would like to thank Garant Machinery’s team for the excellent service in acquiring an uncoiler made in Italy. Throughout the entire process, from the selection of the manufacturer, the manufacturing process to the installation, everything was done according to our needs and criteria. All this while respecting the dates and our budget. Thank you.

É. Hamel

The installation of the folder went really well. You have a super installation team!!! Great professionalism and truly qualified.

R. Piquette