All CARIF 260/320/450 models are fully hydraulic:

closing the vice and lowering the head. The hydraulic system has been patented with two controls: ADVANCE and CUTTING PRESSURE. Thanks to this system, the blade advances in the piece with a constant descent, automatically adapting to each type of material, section and thickness.


The most compact Hydraulic bandsaw. Designed of high robustness. Studied to minimize downtimes with easy and practical working operations.

  • Robust basement structure in steel powder painted with bright and smooth finishing
  • Bow structure in special aluminum alloy hardened
  • Patented Hydraulic system for a fine regulation of bow feed and cutting pressure
  • Blade motor variable speed 4 KW; 15-100 m/1’
  • Miter cutting -45°/+60°; bow rotation through conical bearings independent from the plans for piece support
  • Electrical cabinet easily movable for the best ergonomics
  • Wide Plans for piece support for a comfortable and practical cutting area
  • Complete coolant equipment of 50 lt. tank with electro-pump 3ph. 0,1Kw inside the basement
  • Measuring device L=500 mm with height regulation
  • Large chips container for easy cleaning
  • Bimetal blade M42 mm 3660x34x1.1mm, cardboard box + pallet, service wrenches, instruction manual and spare parts list
  • Made in ITALY
  • Always perpendicular cuts
  • Automatic adjustment of the force of the blade on the part according to the type of material and its section
  • Ease of use, simplicity of configuration operations
  • Machine head in special tempered aluminum alloy
  • Ultra rigid construction.
  • The presence of the operator is not necessary during the cutting cycle
  • The descent slows down of the arch without forcing the blade during the cut in case of wear increases its lifespan
  • Cutting speed, no downtime and increased efficiency
Equipments tailored to your needs

Besides guaranteeing that your equipment will be configured and calibrated to suit your needs, Garant Machinery provides you with unmatched technical support. With over 30 years of experience in the industrial field, we know that consulting and after-sales services make all the difference when purchasing your equipments. That's why we are committed to providing you with the best possible service before, during and after your purchase.

  • Consulting services to help you find the equipment that best suits your needs
  • A network of top suppliers offering the best quality/price ratio on the market
  • A team of technicians as well as a machining and welding shop to handle the installation, adjustment and/or repair of your equipments

A team for a flexible, precise and modern company, that satisfies at the best our customers’ requests.

Application examples :


Machine shop, welding shop, production of metal parts in series, for the needs of repetitiveness and precision in the cuts.



  • Speed moto-variator, electr. version Kw 2,2 (260 BSA)
  • Air/oil lubrication system 3lt. 2 elements
  • Digital angle display Laser-line for positioning
  • Hydraulic device for vertical clamping of bars
  • Additional Double vice (for specific cutting) (320 BSA / BSA VAR-E | 450 BSA / BSA VAR-E)
  • Sensor for monitoring blade rotation (320 BSA VAR-E)
  • Working LED light
  • Flushing hose (320 BSA / BSA VAR-E | 450 BSA / BSA VAR-E)
  • Gage for cutting at 90°
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