German precision bending machines

The new folding machine MAKU motor-driven CNC benders, manufactured in Germany by Schröder, stood out by their robustness and consistent construction quality. This folding machine is perfect for sheet metal processing in small and medium-sized workshops. These CNC benders offer optimum precision, long service life and stability all at once. They are built from an extremely rigid, state-of-the-art machine body.


Technical specifications

Plieuse à tablier numérique Schroeder MAKU Plieuse à tablier numérique Schröder maku



  • Unmatched speeds on the market
  • Eccentric pinch system for increased speed and accuracy
  • Servo-motor installed o both ends of the folding table


  • 3-axis servo-motor (sheet metal press, table and stop)
  • Highly ergonomic, optimized operating speed is adjustable
  • Calculation of the unfolding of your parts (strain)


  • German manufacturer established for over 60 years
  • Electrical components from world-renowned brands available in Canada
  • 3-axis servo-motor (sheet metal press, table and backgauge)
Tooling with increased clearance for complex shape
Crowning of the bending apron for increased accuracy
Two additional gauge fingers for conical bending



Possible uses:

The following industries: tinsmithing, roofing, roofers, moldings, cladding, etc.

Schröder is a renowned German manufacturer. Precision down to the last detail enables them to shine in this niche.


I would like to thank Garant Machinery’s team for the excellent service in acquiring an uncoiler made in Italy. Throughout the entire process, from the selection of the manufacturer, the manufacturing process to the installation, everything was done according to our needs and criteria. All this while respecting the dates and our budget. Thank you.

É. Hamel