The MPB is the pinnacle of its class

German manufacturer established for over 60 years, Schröder offers a world-class product. The MPB series with its eccentric clamping beam and two servo-motors on both ends of the folding beam provides you with unmatched speed. In addition, the POS 2000 controller technology enables you to achieve extremely high precision.

Plieuse à tablier numérique Schroeder
Fast and accurate

· Unmatched speeds on the market

· Eccentric pinch system for improved accuracy

· Servo-motors installed both ends of the folding beam


· Split crowbar tooling (option)

· Rotary system allowing to use two tools (two different folds) on the same piece (optional)

· Compensation system for apron (optional)


· German manufacturer established for more than 60 years with worldwide recognition

· Highly accessible spare parts

· Servo-motors controlled on 3 axis (folding table, sheet metal press, stop)

Possible uses

The following industries: tinsmithing, roofing, roofers, mouldings, cladding, etc.



Goat foot tooling


Rotary system for quick changeover between the two types of tools (optional)


Crowning of the bending apron for increased accuracy

Schröder is a renowned German manufacturer. Precision down to the last detail enables them to shine in this niche.
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