Robust, reliable, sizes available from 20'' to 26 feet!

In spite of the large sheet sizes, the CNC Hydraulic folding machine can be operated by one operator. A German manufacturer established for over 40 years, Dr. Hochstrate Maschinenbau offers a world-class product. Ergonomics at its best for the operator because the plate rests flat on the backgauge.  Very versatile, these bending machines are able to generate several profiles without changing tools. Their operating principle also eliminates much of the marking left by the usual “V” dies. Highly efficient in the cone bending mode, they can be used to bend a certain number of parts that are difficult to produce on hydraulic press brakes.  An ideal complement in your factory, and very appreciable options to optimize your overall productivity.


• Several sizes available:
maximum : 3/8” x 26′ or 1” x 18′.

• Mechanically welded steel assembly
for maximum rigidity

• Synchronized hydraulic cylinders
for incomparable power

High end options

• Patented dynamic cambering system

• Automatic material thickness detection

• Real-time angle correction system

• And several more..


• Designed and manufactured in
Germany for more than 40 years

• Manufacturer recognized worldwide
for the quality of its folding machines.

• Top quality hydraulic, electrical
and mechanical components

Typical applications

Shipyards, Silos, Tanks, Conveyors, Containers, Machine guards, railway manufacturing, boilers, tanks.



Dynamic crowning system


Automatic thickness detection


Real-time angle corrector

Dr. Hochstrate sets new standards for the industry
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