Precise, reliable, available capacities from 10 to 40 feet!

The long folding machine double bender Biegemaster XBend (Up & Down) is designed to produce bends with minimum marking, if any. Regardless of the length your sheets are, Biegemaster’s XBend series long folding machines allow you to bend both up and down, in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode.  Ergonomics at its best for the operator as the plate rests flat on the back gauge. Coupled with the gripper fingers option, it will handle the part all by itself. Extremely accurate and equipped with a motorized circular shear, it is capable of hemming your edges and you can even get optional a programmable taper back gauge. Highly efficient they can bend, without ever changing tools, miscellaneous profiles that could be a challenge on other types of machines. An ideal complement for shops bending architectural moldings, roofing components, and even some industrial application as it can handle up to 14gauge (steel). A German manufacturer established for over 60 years, Biegemaster is highly specialized in the manufacturing of this type of bending machine and offers a world class product.


Technical specifications

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Ergonomic and productive
  • Eliminates most part handling required by the operator
  • Daily production is greatly increased at the same time
  • A number of long parts can be bent by one operator only
Robust construction & top reliability
  • German construction, proven quality for over 60 years
  • Highly reliable and low maintenance based on decades of improvements
  • Enviable capabilities in terms of folding, hemming and cutting sheets
Icone-contribution-regime-retraite-garant-machinerieEasy to use and maintain
  • High performance CNC control is reliable, advanced and easy to use
  • User-friendly design, generous work space and well thought-out security
  • Easy maintenance & multiple adjustment if any is required over time
Equipments tailored to your needs

Besides guaranteeing that your equipment will be configured and calibrated to suit your needs, Garant Machinery provides you with unmatched technical support. With over 30 years of experience in the industrial field, we know that consulting and after-sales services make all the difference when purchasing your equipments. That's why we are committed to providing you with the best possible service before, during and after your purchase.

  • Consulting services to help you find the equipment that best suits your needs
  • A network of top suppliers offering the best quality/price ratio on the market
  • A team of technicians as well as a machining and welding shop to handle the installation, adjustment and/or repair of your equipments

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