A safe investment, without compromising quality

The HSG HS-GA series fiber laser cutting is the best selling model in the manufacturer’s range.  Built using high quality components and assembled with great attention to detail, you are assured of optimal performance and precision at an affordable price.  Whether you need to cut and mark your steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass or other plates and sheets, take the time to compare.  The HS-GA series fiber laser cutter has become one of the world’s best-selling models over the years.  Also available with a tube cutting attachment


• By far the most popular model from HSG

• Monolithic structure high-strength
mechanically welded and stress relieved

• Aircraft grade aluminum
high pressure casting gantry

• Efficient shuttle table system


• Among the most affordable fiber lasers
on the market focussing on quality

• Affordable replacement parts

• Great performance and profitability


• Sanyo or Panasonic motors and drives

• Rack and Pinion by Alpha Wittenstein

• IPG resonator & Precitec head (option)

Typical applications

Subcontracting, job shops cutting metal products, stainless steel or aluminum, etc.

Standard version

The HS-GA series is the most popular in the HSG catalog for obvious reasons: simplicity, construction quality, renowned components, productivity and lower investment. Are you looking for the best quality in the entry-level category? HSG has what you need and Garant Machinery will provide you with first-class after-sales service and technical support to maximize your long-term investment.

Combined version

Do you sometimes have tubes to cut? Over the years HSG has developed a great deal of expertise in the manufacture of combination cutting machines (plates and tubes). A very interesting option to minimize the subcontracting of your parts. If you wish to be autonomous for most of your cutting operations, the combination version has been designed for you.


Precitec cutting head (option)

Powerful dust collectors (standard)

Tube Cutting Attachment (combination)

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