A quality press, customized for your application ? Here is Mécamaq !

Mecamaq manufactures custom hydraulic press with exceptional attention to detail and design. From its Spanish design, you will notice the manufacturing quality at first sight. These highly durable, custom-made presses offer a wide range of possibilities and options to match your exact needs.

Mecamaq presse hydraulique
Simple to use

• Guard and protections meeting safety standards
• Excellent visibility of the pressing area
• Activation pedal with emergency stop


• Graded steel structure

• Oversized assembly plates

• Forged steel cylinder and piston


• World-renowned manufacturer of hydraulic presses since 1991.

• Top quality hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components

• Exceptional after-sales service provided by our team of certified and experienced technicians

Possible uses

Forming and straightening of workpieces, bearing pressing, plate bending (bending attachment option), etc.

Proven European manufacturing offering reliability, versatility and an excellent price.
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