Proven simplicity

We have been importing the Masterly H series hydraulic shear for several years. Precise, fast and highly reliable, they are found in maintenance workshops as well as in the production field. They have proven themselves on the North American market for a long time now.

Cisaille hydraulique Elite
Accurate and productive

• Speed of 30 cuts per minute

• Pneumatic sheet support for more precision on thin sheets (option)

• Motorized backgauge with controller for greater productivity (optional)


• Hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components selected for their reliability

• High quality carbon/chromium blades

• Blade with two faces (upper) and four faces (lower)

• Exceptional after-sales service provided by our team of certified and experienced technicians


• Made in Taiwan, they offer excellent value for the money.

• Several models available for all budgets

• Spare parts at very competitive prices

Possible uses

Workshops for welding, tinsmithing, roofing, roofers, mouldings, cladding.

Motorized backgauge with digital readout

Pneumatic rear supports for thin metal sheets

Sheet metal recovery trolley

Exclusive importation offering you a very interesting quality-price ratio
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