Adjustable blade angle for a quality cut

Inspired by a proven European design the Yawei hydraulic guillotine shear, HGS series, have been developed with the aim of offering an unbeatable value for the money. The angle of the upper blade being adjustable, it allows a higher quality cut and more speed. Built from well known components, they are reliable, precise, efficient, affordable and covered with an excellent warranty.

Cisaille hydraulique Yawei HGS

· Precision in positioning and repositioning of the backgauge in the order of 0.004” inch

· Squaring of the material using a rectified rule perfectly perpendicular to the blades

· Blade is guided in six points ensuring constant clearance between the blades


· Simple and fast programming

· High cutting rate

· Fast travel speed of the backgauge


• Proven Dutch design for over 25 years

• World renowned manufacturer

• Premium hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components

• Exceptional after-sales service provided by our team of certified and experienced technicians

Possible uses

Manufacturing, tinsmithing, metal roofing, roofers, moldings, cladding, etc.



Delem DAC360 controller


Pneumatic sheet support


Support arms 78″ or 118″ inches

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