You are looking for the best performance ? Kimla is designed for you !

Are you looking for a high-end fiber laser cutter for cutting and marking sheet metal, steel plates, stainless steel and aluminum ? You are in the right place. The Kimla fiber laser cutters combine speed, reliability, efficiency and quality of construction at a relatively affordable price. The manufacturer claims that, at equal power, they are the most efficient laser cutters in the world.  For sure Kimla leaves no one indifferent !

Découpeuse laser fibre Kimla powercut

· Among the fastest speeds and accelerations on the market

· Ultra-lightweight gantry for impressive performance

· High-density linear motors controlled by dedicated drives


· Ultra-precise referencing through Renishaw measurement rules

· Very high motor to control communication frequency

· Direct drive with no mechanical backlash

Easy maintenance

· Very compact design to free up some floor space in your installations

· Access doors on different sides of the room for quick and easy access

· No mechanical elements apart from easy to maintain linear bearings

Typical applications

Subcontracting, cutting of metal products, stainless steel or aluminum.


The Powercut series is the most advanced from Kimla, and the only one available in Canada. This series features the latest Kimla technologies and offers unprecedented performance. The Powercut laser cutters are available in several versions: 5′ x 10′ feet up to 10′ x 30′ feet and even more. Very interesting options such as: printing system, automatic nozzle change, etc.


Powercut and automation

To maximize your investment and production capacity, Kimla offers an excellent variety of automation options such as : loading / unloading systems, third exchanger table, material tower rack, etc.





Inkjet printing system






Automatic nozzle change


Third exchanger table

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