For the construction site or workshop

Jouanel’s PCX series manual folding machine have been designed to last a long time while being light and compact enough to be transported from one job site to another as needed. They are available in various sizes that can reach 10′ feet – 22ga. Some optional accessories are also available.

Plieuse de chantier Jouanel PCX 10’

• Central foot pedal for material pinch (option)
• Gas cylinder facilitating the opening of the clamp
• Graduated angular stop for making serial bends


• French manufacturer established since 1948
• Excellent value for money
• Numerous models available for all budgets
• Spare parts at very competitive prices


• Bears the seal “Origine France Garantie” (95% of its components come from France)
• Sturdy bending machine made of cast iron for increased durability
• More than 6,000 users have adopted the PCX series.

Possible uses

Tinsmithing and roofing industries, roofers, aluminium cladding, etc.



Rail and cutting system


System for repetition of bend


Central foot pedal system for closing the clamp

logo Jouanel
Jouanel has been a renowned French manufacturer since 1948. It has specialised in everything related to the field of tinsmithing.
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