Designed as it should be !

Carefully designed and manufactured with the utmost care, Burnet mechanical shear is not only fast and precise, but also easy to adjust for the operator.  Their unique design makes them easy to maintain, which reduces the overall cost of the equipment.  Burnet shears are also available with a multitude of very interesting and some unique options, such as numerical control (NC) or a rear pneumatic support that allows you to send the cut material to the rear of to the front (operator side) by positioning a simple lever.


• Welded steel assembly for
maximum rigidity

• Quiet, direct-drive motor-gearbox unit

• Available in several formats
(4′, 5′, 6′, 8′ and 10′)


• Rigid and adjustable back gauge
to maintain precision over time

• Quickly and easily adjusted blade
clearance (very rare on this size shear)

• Optional pneumatic sheet supports
& front gauges available


• Can achieve 40 cuts per minute
(on some models)

• Quick adjustment of the back gauge
position (via NC control)

• Single mode cutting or continuous mode


Sheet metal shop, tinsmith shop, metal cladding and siding, roofing, maintenance shop, exterior siding, soffit, fascia, architectural mouldings, steel siding, architectural or steel design projects



Pneumatic sheet metal support


Front or rear equipment return

Numerical control (NC or “Go to”)

Burnet sets a new standard in mechanical shears
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