Oversized frame and high quality reversible blade

The motorized shear Schröder MHSU series offers a compact construction with ergonomic design to facilitate handling. Schröder has decades of experience in the design and manufacture of shears. At the cutting edge, its products are known to be robust and built to last with their massive frame and reversible blades. Because of its welded and dynamic torsion-free base, the MHSU is very rigid. All the controls and displays are grouped together on a central control panel, which helps operation.


· German manufacturer for over 60 years

· Internationally renowned components available in Canada

· Equipped with servo-motors


· Robust construction with welded, dynamic and torsion free base

· Dynamic, powerful and silent geared motor

· Beam guided by robust and maintenance-free slides for optimal guidance and damping

Fast and accurate

· Fast rate of 34 cuts / minute with a capacity of 2mm x 125″ inches

· Adjustable backgauge with digital readout from the shear front (optional)

· Pneumatic sheet support for precise measurement on the backgauge (optional)

Possible uses

Manufacturing, tinsmithing, metal roofing, roofers, moldings, cladding, etc.


POS 100 controller with programming up to 9 steps


Pneumatic supports for front or rear unloading to fit your needs


Manual adjustments with digital readout from the shear front

Schröder is a renowned German manufacturer. Precision down to the smallest detail is what allows them to shine in their niche.
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