Robust design and “DUO-CUT” system

The Schröder PDC shears were developed for the transformation of sheet metal. It is a more robust version of the MHSU. The twin motors “Duo-Cut” drive significantly improves the cutting capacity while maintaining the quality of the cut. Schröder has great expertise in the field and offers you a state-of-the-art product that has proven itself. Are you demanding ? You will be very pleased !

Cisaille mécanique Schröder PDC

· Blade is driven by two motors instead of one which greatly increases the cutting capacity

· Mechanically welded and torsion-free construction

· High rigidity from its robust design and components: beam, sheet metal support, lateral structure and oversized motors


· German manufacturer for over 60 years

· Internationally renowned components available in Canada

· Several technicians to serve you for a quick fix

Fast and accurate

· Fast rate of 34 cuts / minute with capacities up to 13′ feet x 12ga

· Adjustable backgauge with digital readout to the shear front (optional)

· Pneumatic sheet support for precise measurement on the backgauge

Possible uses

Manufacturing, tinsmithing, metal roofs, roofers, moldings, cladding, etc.




POS 100 controller for programming up to 9 steps


Pneumatic supports for front or rear unloading according to your needs



Manual adjustments with digital readout from the shear front

Schröder is a renowned German manufacturer. Precision down to the smallest detail is what allows them to shine in their niche.
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