A reasonable investment to produce conventional parts

AMOB electric tube and pipe bender (tube bending machine) MDH series is particularly appreciated for the quality of the bends they perform. Manufactured in Portugal, they are available in three formats and are easy to customize for your production.

NC cintreuse à tubes amob mdh NC cintreuse à tubes amob mdh NC cintreuse à tubes amob mdh NC cintreuse à tubes amob
Simple to use

· Simple and efficient programming with AMOB digital controller

· Quick and easy tool change

· Easy and accessible tube unloading


· Folding capacity from 10mm to 90mm outer diameter

· Possibility to bend round, square and rectangular tubes

· Variety of tools for any type of bending


· Designed and assembled in Portugal since 1960

· World renowned manufacturer

· Premium hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components

· Exceptional after-sales service provided by our team of certified and experienced technicians

Possible uses

Auto parts, air conditioning-heating-ventilation, construction, aeronautics, aerospace, fitness equipment, shipyards, rail transport, energy, petrochemicals, etc.



CN2 “Z” axis with automatic rotation


Assisted support die







Sweeper matrix

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AMOB was born in 1960 in Portugal. AMOB quickly became a world leader in the bending and bending of profiles.
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