The 4 Rolls series is the most popular for its productivity

Roccia plate roll, model HR4W(E), combines proven German engineering and Italian design. They will meet the needs of the most demanding. Roccia rollers are the easiest to use and they are very fast. Thanks to their constant material pinching system. The 4-Rolls series is available in many models : 1 to 8 meters in plate length, and from 1mm to 300mm! There is certainly one that will meet your needs.


Technical specifications

Rouleuse à plaques Roccia HR4W rouleau à plaque 4 rouleaux Rouleuse à plaques Roccia HR4W
  • Electronic balancing of the rollers ensuring perfect parallel even when rolling off center
  • Equipped with hydro-mechanical clamping of the plates which provides more constant and predictable rolling
  • Rollers camber can be adapted to your application (on request)
  • Quickly interchangeable rollers
  • Many controller options: simple digital reading, Galileo, Newton or Giotto
  • Possibility to update your controller over time or even to upgrade to a higher version
  • Interpolation rolling allows you to roll complex parts with a minimum of stops (several axis can move simultaneously)
  • With 4 rollers, the rolling possibilities are multiplied since the material is pinched at all times
  • Minimum error potential since generally no slipping when rolling
  • Several options available: automatic loading, supports, interchangeable rollers, pieces ejector, etc.
Equipments tailored to your needs

Besides guaranteeing that your equipment will be configured and calibrated to suit your needs, Garant Machinery provides you with unmatched technical support. With over 30 years of experience in the industrial field, we know that consulting and after-sales services make all the difference when purchasing your equipments. That's why we are committed to providing you with the best possible service before, during and after your purchase.

  • Consulting services to help you find the equipment that best suits your needs
  • A network of top suppliers offering the best quality/price ratio on the market
  • A team of technicians as well as a machining and welding shop to handle the installation, adjustment and/or repair of your equipments


NC (Gallileo)

The Galileo NC type Controller can control up to 6 axis, uses a 7″ inches screen, and offers a storage capacity of 300 programs, 99 steps per program. Easy to use, it can be programmed in manual or assisted mode. Also available from Roccia, a fully manual controller with digital display reader.

CNC (Newton and Giotto)

The Newton type CNC controller uses a 15″ inches touch screen and offers a very large program storage (2GB) capacity. It allows you to calibrate your materials to estimate the approximate positioning of the rollers to produce the desired rolling radius. It also enables you to program a rolling sequence more quickly, even if your parts are not round in shape.


The Giotto controller offers all the features of the Newton, but adds the option of rolling by interpolation, meaning simultaneous movement of different axis which allows to gain in productivity and minimize the marking of more fragile parts.

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