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Comac has been manufacturing in Italy profile bending machines, big or small, for more than 40 years old. Commonly called section bender, section bending machine or angle roll, Comac has mainly become over the years specialized in this type of equipment.  Robustly designed, they benefit from several decades of improvement and development. Combining precision, performance and reliability, this is an investment you will be proud of for a very long time. Available in a multitude of configurations, you can also equip it with a numerical control and customize it to your production. Comac is continually developing new options and features for profile bending machines and has become a leader in this field.

– Pinch Roller positioning

is controlled very precisely

– Digital readout standard (series 3000)

– Steel welded and stress relieved frame

– Proven design for over 40 years

– Oversized motors and drives

– Already very well equipped as standard

– State-of-the-art numerical controls

– Possibility to roll by interpolation

Typical applications

Steel structure, tanks, food industry, shipbuilding.

Standard configuration

Built with attention to details without compromising on quality, most Comac profile bending machines are equipped with digital readouts and precise position of pinching rolls. They also offer the possibility to enter a pre-set position directly on the controller to save positioning time for serial rolling.


Do you have more complex shapes to roll or series of identical parts? Comac offers different options at the controller level to allow you to optimize your quality and production speed. Contact one of our representatives today !




Angle iron guide rolls


NC & CNC Controllers


Spécial configuration

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