A versatile and
time-tested design

Boluk’s sheet metal and thin plate slip rollers (plate rolling machine) are of the asymmetrical 3-Roller type, allowing for relatively short flat sections at the beginning and end of the roll. Boluk is a young and dynamic company with over 50 years of combined experience in the manufacture of sheet metal forming equipment.  With a clear focus on building excellent quality equipment, it is no wonder that Boluk is advancing rapidly in its field.  Available in manual and motorized versions, they are offered up to a capacity of 8′ x 1/8″.

Robust and precise

· Sfero type, oversize casted
steel frame
· Rollers are driven by
a gear system

· Optimal use of the brake motor
for increased precision


· Asymmetrical configuration and
single pinch configuration

· Swiveling top roll for
easy extraction

· Integrated notches for
rolling of round rods


– Simple, robust and
and proven

– Components selected for
for their reliability

– A design that has proven itself
for decades

Typical applications

Wind turbines, automotive industry, tanks of all kinds, food industry, shipbuilding.



Hardened rolls = extended life


Motorized rear roll adjustment


Digital reading of rear roll’s position

Time-tested design
designed to be reliable
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