High quality European roll forming machines with several years track record !

Jouanel roll formers are specifically designed to make standing seam profiles in parallel or grooved sections, whether in the workshop or on the building site. Thousands of roofs have been made all over the world with these roll formers. Their speed and robustness will allow you to realize the biggest projects!

Profileuse jouanel HT

• 7 sets of rollers to ensure profiling quality and material longevity

• Treated steel rollers, hardness 55 HRC

• Bins straightener at the exit

• Precision adjustment of infeed width and tray width from 250mm to a maximum of 800mm


• Possibility to add ribbing rollers at the exit

• Cross-cutting available in automatic version

• 1000mm or 1250mm reel with mandrel expansion available – optional


• Jouanel is the leader in sheet metal equipment in Europe

• World renowned manufacturer

• Top quality hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components

• Exceptional after-sales service provided by our team of certified and experienced technicians

Possible uses

Tinsmithing, roofing and others – residential, commercial and industrial.



Set of ribbed rollers



Decoiler on wheels


Connecting arm (2) for decoiler


logo Jouanel
Jouanel has been a renowned French manufacturer since 1948. It has specialised in everything related to the field of tinsmithing.
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