Customer Service

Garant Machinery offers you all services related to purchasing your next metalworking and metal fabricating machinery. The large assortments of machine-tools we have to offer, as opposed to several other importers, are completely inspected prior to shipment at your installations. It’s a commitment to reliability that is to your advantage as well as ours. At Garant Machinery, we privilege long term business relationship and that is why we invest ourselves in every transaction to ensure that you will come back, time after time.

We also offer other services that go hand in hand with what we do best:

  • Technical advice: Our team of engineers, technicians, electro mechanics, and machinists has been tested more than often on very specific needs. The equipments presented on our website are only a small share of what we can offer you. Share with us your needs and let us offer you a few options.
  • Repairs: On of your equipment is down? You would like to overhaul one or several of your machine-tools? We are possibly your best alternative. Contact us today!
  • Import: You are interested in acquiring equipments in USA or overseas? You would rather have an experienced importer do it for you, we also offer that service to our valued clients.