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For cutting and marking your sheets and plates, take the time to consider our Yawei fiber laser cutters, HLF series, for mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. With proven manufacturing and using components well known worldwide; they are built to perform, and to last. Many models and capacities available, all covered by an excellent warranty. Contact us for more details !

coupeuse-laser-yawei-serie-hlf Découpeuse laser fibre Yawei HLF Découpeuse laser fibre Yawei

• Monolithic structure for greater precision and long-term stability

• High density extruded aluminum gantry allowing higher speeds and accelerations

• Synchronized gantry driving on both sides for greater accuracy


• 5 years warranty on frame (standard models)

• Very decent speeds and accelerations

• Parts are easily available and reasonably priced


• Motors, drives and digital controller by Siemens

• Pinions and racks by Alpha Wittenstein

• IPG resonator and Precitec cutting heads

Possible uses

Subcontracting, cutting of metal products, workshops processing stainless steel and aluminum.

Standard setup

Yawei offers a variety of standard models: up to 78” inches x 20′ feet with capacities from 2kW to 8kW. The design has been improved quite a bit and Yawei offers an excellent warranty on these formats (60″x10′, 78″x13′, and others.)


Yawei can manufacture outsized tailor-made laser cutters (up to 10’ x 80’ feet or even more). You have a specific need, contact one of our advisers for more information.



Loading and unloading system



Integrated wastes conveyor

IPG resonator and Precitec cutting head (standard)

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